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Active since 1990, falcofloor® is a company specializing in traditional and pre-finished wood flooring, laminate flooring as well as interior doors.

With its expertise and passion in the field and the wide range of high quality options, falcofloor® personnel are committed to professionally accomanying each customer through the buying process from the choice of materials to installation.

falcofloor® is constantly expanding its catalogue in order to meet new architectural requirements, modernize the selection available and continually search for the most functional and high quality products in order to satisfy the expectations of customers.
With a wide variety of materials ranging from traditional to modern options, falcofloor® can meet even the most unique requests. The ability to customize each aspect of shape, color and finish help falcofloor appeal to any design aesthetic.

With its high quality materials, personalized customer consultations including complimentary on-site visits, falcofloor® is set apart by offering a professional and satisfying experience to each customer, helping them make a natural choice for their lifestyle.

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